The best thing about Jabra’s new earbuds is the case

An image of the Jabra Elite 10 Gen 2 connected to an airplane’s in-flight entertainment system.
We’ve all had at least one flight where this really would’ve saved the day. | Image: Jabra

Jabra is refreshing its earbuds lineup today with upgraded versions of the Elite 10 and Elite 8 Active. Both, now known as “Gen 2,” come with the expected improvements to sound quality, noise cancellation, and other fundamentals. But the real game changer, if there is one, is the LE Audio charging case that comes with both earbuds. You can plug the case into an external device — a treadmill, in-flight video screen, etc. — and the case will transmit that audio over to the buds.

LG’s wireless earbuds have offered a similar feature as their signature trick for several years now. But Jabra is trying to stand out with the technology it’s using: the Elite 10 and 8 Gen 2 both connect to the case over LE Audio and use the still-new LC3...

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